If you want to end your kids' bad behavior, but you know punishments aren't working... This course is for you!

This program goes through common behavior issues parents face, unravels them to explain what your kids are trying to tell you and what they are actually needing so you can respond in a peaceful way without getting into the same battles.

  • Learn why punishments don’t work and how using them will eventually backfire

  • Learn how punishments cause disconnection which in turn, creates more behavior you want to change

  • Learn what causes “bad behavior” (hitting, lying, meltdowns)

  • Learn the list of ALTERNATIVES you can use that will grow your confidence, connection and cooperation with your kids

YES! You can be the confident head of your family AND do away with punishments and consequences.

I will teach you how to understand your child on multiple different levels so you know exactly where the “bad” behavior is coming from.

This means when you encounter that “maddening” behavior, you know how to correct it without throwing out a punishment that doesn’t work to change the behavior in the long run anyway.


My “No Punishment or Consequences” approach will explain to you why punishments DON’T WORK and exactly what to do instead, so you're less triggered, angry, and overwhelmed.

Here’s how my Alternatives to Punishment approach will save you from wasting your energy and breath on doling out punishments that don’t work (and BTW, if they did work, you wouldn’t have to use them over and over again! )

The 3 reasons your child has bad behavior  (and the surprising things you’ll learn when you look a little closer at their actions) 

  • What to say and do INSTEAD of punishing your child (even when they’re refusing to listen to you, ignoring you, or hitting you)
  • The one thing you can say when your child says “NO” to you (without escalating the situation or making them feel powerless)
  • How to set limits and use your anger for peace (so your child will feel secure in knowing what to expect from you & how you’ll react)

Here's What You Get:

Lifetime access to my training, Alternatives to Punishment.(Value $200)

4 separate video trainings within the course that you can get through

in the time it takes to watch Frozen...again

  • Why Punishments Don't Work (Value $47)
  • How Punishment Causes Disconnection -and why you should care (Value $47)
  • Yeah, BUT...They're Being So Bad - what's really fueling bad behavior (Value $47)
  • The Alternatives (Value $47)


Parent Guide with all the lessons from the training so you can implement the lessons with your unique family (Value $67)


Flexible Learning: You can consume the course on your phone, PC, tablet, or laptop. Each lesson comes in video and audio form so you can listen or watch anywhere! (Value $97)


Alternatives to Punishment: Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Alternatives to Punishment Welcome and Workbook

  2. 2
    • Module 1: Why Punishments Don't Work

  3. 3
    • Module 2: How Punishments Cause Disconnection

  4. 4
    • Module 3: Bad Behavior Explained

  5. 5
    • Module 4 - Part 1: The Alternatives to Punishments

    • Part 2: The Alternatives to Punishments