The Parent P.A.S.S Communication System

This tool is THE cooperation system all of my clients use to PASS through any meltdown, disrespect or emotional outburst.

  • PAUSE - before you say something you regret, react, yell, or jump to conclusions

  • ASK- Yourself, why do I feel triggered? | Your Child, what's going on with them?

  • SHOW EMPATHY - to Yourself, this is hard and it's ok to acknowledge it is | Your Child, can I see the situation from their perspective, in all the newness they see it in?

  • SOLUTIONS- find solutions to any situation that are a win WIN for both parent and child.

The Parent P.A.S.S Course Curriculum

During this course, you will be guided through each step of the process and you can use the workbook to customize this technique for your unique family.

  1. 1
    • Here's how to get started

  2. 2
    • The Parent P.A.S.S

  3. 3
    • The Pause and why it's so important

  4. 4
    • Ask yourself and then ask your child

  5. 5
    • Why Empathy is so important

  6. 6
    • Finding Solutions that are a Win/Win for both parent and child