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How would it feel to have all the cooperation you could ever want so you can enjoy being with your kids and have a strong connected relationship?

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    Each course comes with a comprehensive workbook that contains all the lessons from each module so you can tailor the lessons to your unique family.

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  • Portable Platform

    Each class gives you the option of watching a video or listening to the lesson like a podcast episode so you can take the learning with you anywhere.

Meet Robbin McManne

Parenting Expert, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host

Robbin McManne

Hi! I’m Robbin. and I, like so many parents, struggled for years because I wasn’t the parent I wanted to be. Through searching for answers, I found the Conscious Parenting community. And I discovered how I could better connect with my kids—and inspire other parents to do the same through my company, Parenting for Connection!  If you’re committed to becoming a stronger, more understanding parent for your kiddos and building them a strong foundation through your relationship with your spouse/parenting partner—you’re in the right place! See you there, Robbin